Issue 12



Editors: Michael S. Kirkpatrick & Elizabeth Lerner
Managing Editor: Stephen Mason
Fiction Editors: Dan Boeckman & Jill Eisenstadt
Poetry Editors: Karen Blomain & Campbell McGrath
Nonfiction Editors: Miriam Reisman & Jennifer Waters
Benefit Chairperson: David Craig Austin

Kimberly Banks, Jill Birdsall, Lawrence Charney, Steven Cornish, Bruce Craven, Peter Erdmann, Andrew Flynn, Sari Friedman, Dana Groseclose, Elizabeth Harlan, Michael Jaffee, Zia Jaffrey, Cynthia Kadochata, Paru Kapur, Lucy Logsdon, Michael Louth, Kathleen McGraw, Fran McManus, Clive Matson, Elizabeth Osborne, Vanessa Park, Vincent Passaro, William Roorbach, Andrew Rosenstein, Laura Smyth.


The Last of How It Was (Novel Excerpt) by T.R. Pearson
The Magician’s Assistant’s Dream by Ann Patchett
The Year of Silence (Novel Excerpt) by Madison Smartt Bell
The Judges Are Evening Wolves by Dylan Jedediah Haas
At The Gates Of The Animal Kingdom by Amy Hempel

Comfort for a Muse & About Non-feeling by Shalin Hai-Jew
Nocturnes by Charles North
Father Flanagan & Duck Girl by Peter Wild
And We Came To Believe by David Keller
The Home Counties Posing As The Universe by Sue Standing
The Masterpiece by Louis Simpson
The History of Sexuality by Jean Zimmerman
Something, which waits, is always telling lies by Pamela Stewart
Archaic Torso of Apollo (translated by Alfred Corn) by Rainer Maria Rilke
The Poet’s Task (translated Alfred Corn) by Pablo Neruda
Madrigal for Margaret Retrieving The Head of Sir Thomas More by Geraldine C. Little
Chaucer’s Black Knight Is Still Weeping in the 14th Century by Karen Brennan
The Movie by Paul Hoover
For J & Homecoming by Michael Shepler
The Cabin by Tim Skeen
Murmur of Blue & Voyages by William Winfield
Tiepolo’s St. Mary of Egypt Taken To Heaven by Debra Gregerman
Nature & Indians by Stephen Gibson

Learning/writing by William S. Wilson
Interview with Carolyn Kizer with William Matthews by David Craig Austin & Elizabeth Lerner
Interview with David Horowitz by Jennifer Waters & Michael S. Kirkpatrick

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