Issue 11


Editors: Patrick Godon & Climeen Wikoff
Fiction Editors: Rick Moody & Christopher Newbound
Poetry Editors: Randall Babtkis
Nonfiction Editor: Melora Wolff
Managing Editors: David Chartier & Ted Roth
Benefits Chairperson: Sandra Desjardins
Production Manager: Howard Greenberg


David Austin, Anne Bederka, Karen Blomain, Daniel Boeckman, Peter Brown, Deborah Carpenter, Karen Clark, Steve Cornish, Bruch Craven, Jill Eisenstadt, Michael Hickens, Lizz Jacobson, Nathan James, Michael Kirkpatrick, Maria Leevy, Elizabeth Lerner, Michael Louth, James Lynch, Steve Mason, Campbell McGrath, Wanessa Park, Gregory Powell, Carol Reesor, Lydia Sam-Lamb, David Schanker, Daniel Simko, Jennifer Waters, Ted Wojtasik, George Wen



Valerie Wohlfeld/ The Vocabulary of Trains
James Tate/ Little Man, What Now? & Hedges, by Sam D’Amico
Nancy McBride Clayton/ Hunt
Sybil Claiborne/ Acid Rain
Jonathan Baumbach/ Neglected Masterpieces III
Donald Antrim/ Rocket Man


Craig Taylor/ The Grand Unified Theory of Psychology and Physics
Bill Knott/ Last moments in the Masterpiece & Pornokrates
Marilyn Hacket/ Jeunesse Coiffure
Staurt Friebert/ The Next Table
Stanley Plumly/ ‘Denn Wir Sind Nur Die Schale Und Das Blatt’
Shalin Hai-Jew/ The Lake
Franz Wright/ At the End of the Unraveled Road & The Crawdad
Doug Marx/ Starlings
Tom Lux/ Rattus Rattus
Terese Svoboda/ Fresh Polynesia & Modern Navigation
Kenneth Funsten/ Stan Funsten’s Family Sermon
Peter Wild/ Mad Money & Famous Talk Show & Instruments
Christy Sheffield Sanford/ Only the Nude Can Redeem the Landscape & Nesting in the Sands
James Reiss/ Letter to Guido Novello, Lord of Ravenna, from His Ambassador’s Assistant
Keith Hollaman/ Penalties of Hell & Song on the Glass of Wine & October Thoughts
James Reidel/ The Burning Bush
Pamela White Hadas/ “Jung and Easily Freudened”: Sabina Spielrein’s Analysis & I. A Damp Poodle & II. The Goddess Mixed with Mud & III. Siegfried


Barbara Raisbeck/ Viewing
Melora Wolff/ Calvin Trillin: Not Just Tap- Dancing An Interview
Stanley Plumly/ Auk and Eel: Notes on the Poems of Ford Maddox Ford


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