Issue 10

Issue 10STAFF

Editors: Judith Bolton, Jack Flynn
Fiction Editors: Stovall Richardson, Hal Strickland
Poetry Editor: Catherine Metzger
Nonfiction Editor: Ivy Morrison
South African Literary Supplement Editor: Daniel Lawrence
Managing Editors: Maria A. Collis, Peter Farrelly
Publicity Manager: Deborah Gray
Advertising Manager: Thomas Spanbauer
Production Manager: Climeen Wikoff

Staff: Randall L. Babtkis, Deborah A. Baxtrom, William Beavers, Anne Bederka, Sarah W. Bliumis, Daniel Boeckman, David R. Chartier, Geneva Collins, Richard Crasta, Sheila A. Feeney, Patrick Godon, Gail S. Gordon, Howard V. Greenberg, Michele Herman, Lisa M. Interollo, Lizz Jacobson, Robert B. Katel, James S. Lynch, David R. Means, Rick Moody, Christopher S. Newbound, Alan Michael Parker, Christine C. Pepe, Carol A. Reesor, Ted Roth, Judith D. Simmons, Alan Sincic, Bill Wadsworth, Ginger Wineinger, Melora M. Wolff


After The Snake Oil (pp. 1-15) By Craig Nova
Three Houses (pp. 16-20) By James Lewis
“Easy The Life Of The Mouth” (pp. 21-22) By Nancy Schoenberger
On Frida Kahlo, A Deer Passing Into The Forest (p. 23) By Nancy Schoenberger
On Frida Kahlo, Turning Away From The Children (p. 24) By Nancy Schoenberger
Interview With John Hawkes (pp. 25-32) By Rick Moody, Melora Wolff And John Hawkes
The Wire (pp. 33-36) By Gordon Lish
Consequences (pp. 37-39) By David Black
The Irish Tenor (pp. 40-41) By Peter Wild
Schoolmarm (pp. 42-43) By Peter Wild
Overheard In A Small Town Near Kharkov: 1923 (p. 44) By Claire Rossini And Clare Rossini
The Monopoly Game (pp. 45-46) By Lois Leardi
A Rough Customer (pp. 47-65) By Leon Rooke
Commons (p. 66) By James Lewis
Toward A Birthday (pp. 67-68) By Gary Soto
What Belongs To You (pp. 69-70) By Cathy Song
Interview With John Irving (pp. 71-86) By Stovall Richardson And John Irving
The Kids Gave Me A Picnic (pp. 87-89) By Dorothy Barnhouse
Monsters/children/space — For Jack Skelley (pp. 90-91) By James Krusoe
Recent Black Literature — The Political Dimensions (pp. 92-98) By Amiri Baraka
History Is Bunk (pp. 99-113) By John Morefield
Search For The Perfect Pasta (p. 114) By William Matthews
Evening Stroll (p. 115) By Judith Fuchs Rechter
The Night The Zeppelin Fell (p. 116) By Harvey Gross
Crossing The Jordan, 1978 (pp. 117-120) By Ray Errol Fox
With Indira At The End (pp. 121-125) By Miguel Serrano And Frank Macshane
Night Mission From Every Rising Of The Moon: A Cycle Of Poems (p. 126) By Bruce Wallace
All Of A Summer’s Night (pp. 127-128) By Melissa Green
Signet Ring (pp. 129-130) By Melissa Green
A Boy (p. 131) By Czeslaw Milosz And Robert Hass

A South African Sampler

Literature For Liberation (pp. 135-137) By Don Mattera
Untitled (p. 138) By Anne Kellas
Comptons’s Place, Mbabane 1978 (pp. 139-140) By Anne Kellas
Wall-poem (p. 141) By Anne Kellas
Flying Object And Seracens — An Excerpt From An Autobiography (pp. 142-151) By Mpumi Celibe
Let Us Look After You (pp. 152-153) By Mpumi Celibe
The Leper’s Kiss: Blood Is The Rose Of Mysterious Union — Jim Morrison (pp. 154-159) By Giles Hugo
For A Comrade In Prison (p. 160) By Jeremy Cronin
Penelope (pp. 161-163) By Ahmed Essop
Overflow (pp. 164-170) By E.m. Macphail
In The Waterberg (p. 171) By Lionel Murcott
Binding Ii Soekie’s Dream, April ’83 (pp. 172-173) By Lionel Murcott
The Nunnery (pp. 174-177) By Maja Kriel
At The Restaurant (p. 178) By Francis Faller
In The Suburban Park At Night (p. 179) By Francis Faller

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