Issue 1


Editor: John Plaskett
Assistant Editor: Elmas Abinader
Managing Editor: Therese Steiner
Poetry Editor: Cleopatra Mathis
Fiction Editor: Robyn Underdahl
Ass’t Fiction Editor: Bob Johnson
Production: Meryl Johnson
Advertising: Jeff Elzinga
Distribution: Anne Cherner
Editorial Staff: Tony Diamandtidis, Jan Ellis, Linda Farin, Bruce Powell


Interview with Stanley Kunitz by Mathis, Cherner, Abinader.

Deer Dance/ For Your Return by Leslie Marmon Silko
Weather by Laura Jensen
The Exchange by Alicia Ostriker
Orange Sonnet by Gilbert Sorrentino
Sorrow to Sorrow by Andrew Grossbardt
A Persian Lover by Karen Swenson
Sete (to C.D., 1948-1974) by Bennett Weinberg
Sanding the Chairs by Madeline DeFrees
The Chow, a Dog of ancient Origin, Has a Blue-Black Tongue by Madeline DeFrees
The Lake by Allison Funk
Moxie by Lewis Gardner
The Gunslinger in Winter by Rod Tulloss
Friggins Division by Laurel Blossom
A Pair of Old Bathing Trunks by William Cliff (Translated by Maxine Kumin and Judith Bingen-Kumin
Ride by Caroline Finelstein
San Francisco by Fanny Howe
The House by the Tracks y Cynthia Huntington
January Class: It Hasn’t Rained for Seven Months by Diana O Hehir
The Sweetnes of Life by Gerald Stern


Anna by Fred Chappel
The Rescue by Sandra Schor
Early Mass by Mary O’Connor
Footfalls by Kawabata Yasunari (Translated by H. Francis Freniere)
The Heir by Jack Myers

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