Poem by Hélène Sanguinetti Translated from French

This poem, Joke 3, has been taken from “And here’s the song” by Hélène Sanguinetti, and has been translated from the French by Ann Cefola.



it is snowing today almostno one on the lane the boy makesa fire10 below, “no Wham doesn’t exist anymore, forthree years now that would be folly”but others—the same adherents interferewith their eyes eat snow mother powder bellyspread out

Behind the mountain there is a mountainand Wham goes out of his niche, the boy mistakenothers sleep spread out and the moss of theirbelly childlike softness




Too late means nothing when one is
living where it’s high and wide more than high
and wide more than wide

Traces of bear my children
still paint the sky with drops and
children cradled in the caves,




Somersaulting and toppling over squares, It’s himAged of course sees himself in the smile of thedog spine-weary from movementlost snow does not age falls on thegroundwhiter than Ever existed





Whiteness collapsed under the squares
very small which means
no lone Whinenona of

Kiss to the kingdom above
Kiss flown away to the gods



The wind pusher of snow or sand is beautiful,“always the same glinglin” hey whatever glinglin, isit is beautiful at the summit drawings of snow thecrusts the strips and on the sand over theretravelers looking at the entire world in its foldsand powder on the slopes that joltthe leopard the fallow deer




Girl decides herself→ and now enough, not at all
reluctant, our people11 in place and enough, barely Weeps
from the edge struggling almost at the edge one tear one
spring leaf she says,

So flowers of camels catch as they can
leaves and eat with bells the sun from afar, tear off
the tuft, in a circle




To stay inside you need some fresh fallen snow Soft,Asleep, sand flowing so orange with itsbreasts the evening wind, sea always immense seaunfathomable depth Everything becomes Peoplewithin





To stay chirping in the garden
and the sky trouble the watering can’s surface
to completely enter there, always how, from the poem!
A lot of errors, too many, belly or, too many,
body hairs, too many words, but lid of
the jar on the roadside Lifts
genius dances and sings, takes off the 2 bumps




♪♫♥☼ spring



And enters spring.




In the cabin. And there is spring.
Before it shines, it’s day that shines
Called Welcome, Charming, remember?
had curls and javelin, This is
Love who lives there, at the bottom,
it is, also bird, whistler, as bright
as day, all for joy and to Dancing
on the meadow, Turning and Striking the heel
until cooked and dropped




In the world there is this day and grassunder teeth and blood which shines and singsup in France from her neck to her temple aparade music, bassoon bugle, thetrucks parade on the road, Reeds,what are you doing on the side?Day says to day-the-rascal: stay, Needloveneed, Stay → the face enters the window



10: of crates
11: the girls

Photo by TD Lucas via Creative Commons

About the author

Hélène Sanguinetti, considered among the top female poets in France today, has authored Et Voici La Chanson (Éditions L'Amandier, 2012), Domaine des englués, suivi de six réponses à Jean-Baptiste Para (La Lettre Volée, 2017), Le Héros (Flammarion, 2008), Alparegho, Pareil-à-rien, (Comp’Act, 2005), D'ici, de ce berceau (Flammarion, 2003), and De la main gauche, exploratrice (Flammarion, 1999).

About the author

Ann Cefola's translations of Hélène Sanguinetti's work include The Hero (Chax Press, 2018), Alparegho, Like Nothing Else, selected for The Operating System’s 2019 Unsilenced Texts; and Hence this cradle (Seismicity Editions, 2007). Others have appeared in eleven eleven, Exchanges, Inventory, and Transference. She is also the author of Free Ferry (Upper Hand Press, 2017) and Face Painting in the Dark (Dos Madres Press, 2014).

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