On Guard-Changing: 2013

By Issue 51 Blog Editor Hope Ewing

Literary journals, like this one, that are based out of university programs, face a special set of challenges each year as the staff must rotate with the incoming and outgoing students. So it happens that it’s the time of year to pass on the duties we’ve finally grown into over the past year. It’s been my honor to curate this blog for the Year of Issue 51, and I’m delighted to be passing the job on to Issue 52 Blog Editor E.B. Bartels. E.B. will be just the third Blog Editor in Columbia: A Journal history, and she’s much more qualified than I was for the job.

Big thanks to all our 2012-13 contributors! And best of luck on your theses.

Keep Calm and Hasta La Vista Baby

Hope Ewing is an MFA candidate in fiction at Columbia University. Sometimes, she thinks she’s funny.

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