No One to Call a Friend

“No One to Call a Friend,” by Jim Ross, is an honorable mention for the Columbia Journal’s Special Issue on Loneliness in the art category.

About the author

Jim Ross jumped into creative pursuits in 2015 after leaving public health research. He's since published nonfiction, poetry, and photography in well over 100 journals and anthologies in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Publications include Columbia Journal, Ilanot Review, Lunch Ticket, The Atlantic, and Typehouse. Recent photo essays include Barren, Kestrel, Litro, and Wordpeace. A nonfiction piece led to a role in a soon-to-be-released, high-profile documentary limited series on VICE and BBC networks. Jim and his wife—parents of two health professionals on the front line and grandparents of five preschoolers—split their time between the city and the mountains.

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