Nearly Eternal Fusion Reactor

Something burning or maybe already burnt


A cataract climbs a triage


How many bushels in an apple?


English is the language I inherited


I read the phrase “good breeding” repeatedly


We assume our own preferences live in the hearts of others


Will we all know that guy’s name next year?


Why’d you get that song stuck in my head?


Illegal seagulls


Every restaurant is dirtier than you think


The table of contents is the story


Mastery of anything begins with an attempt


The spellcheck dictionary may be the most commonly used dictionary in the world


Hawaii is not part of North America


Tip-toe over the topiary


Write a commercial jingle in dactylic tetrameter


A tree hugging another tree


100% natural


Photo credit: wongaboo via Creative Commons

About the author

Miles Solstice’s work appeared in MUSH/MUM and The Iris, a publication of NAMI Wisconsin. The winner of the 2016 Ron Wallace Poetry Thesis Award from UW-Madison, he had been accepted into the University of Montana MFA program. He died in 2017.

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