MUSIC – Wasted Callaway by Nai Br.XX

Contemporary artist and songwriter, Nai Br.XX (Briana Maddix) was born in New York and moved to Atlanta at the age of 12. While attending Georgia State, she met the producer Sensei Bueno and put out her first single, “Bed Weather.” Six months later, she released her debut EP, entitled “Wasted Callaway”. This project is growing in the Atlanta underground music scene and has been played by many online and campus radios, including some international plays.
Nai Br.XX’s debut EP, Wasted Callaway, featuring the production styles of Sensei Bueno, shares a neo-soul sound that gives beauty and life to intricate and full-bodied rhythms. Her voice is river-like, moving and deep. Her tones have been described as edgy, soulful and rich, while the undefined production style creates a fresh dynamic that is refreshing and new.

Nai Br.XX  is from New York and attends Georgia State University.

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