Letter From the Editor

We are deep in the doldrums of winter gloom. In New York, the sidewalk grays are grayer; the biting cold sharper; the salt trucks wrenching in their early morning racket. This time of year, it’s easy to forget about love until you stumble across it, like a foreigner into a place suddenly warm and familiar.

Surely it wasn’t St. Valentine’s intention to stave off the cold with paper hearts and Whitman’s samplers, but the simple pleasures never hurt. And in writing, we find so many simple pleasures in the sounds, characters, and images of the artists who enrich our lives.

For this themed issue of the Columbia Journal, we’re featuring the works of 3 poets, 2 fiction writers, and a visual artist who dig into the experiences and complexities of a thing called love. It’s not always pretty, and rarely is it logical, but in the words of the Eagles, love will keep us alive.

Enjoy these incredible pieces by Lindsay Illich, James Croal Jackson, E.C. Messer, Jed Myers, Alyssa Proujansky, and Bill Wojak as we celebrate this week of love and literature.

And if the winter blues are getting you down, chin up, buttercup. It’s not so bad, with writers like these.

Much love,
Erica Stisser (Online Managing Editor)

In This Feature

3 Poems by Lindsay Illich
3 Poems by James Croal Jackson
The Bruise by E.C. Messer
2 Poems by Jed Myers
We May Be in a Vortex of Doom, But At Least We’re in it Together  by Alyssa Proujansky
5 Collages from artist Bill Wojak

Columbia Journal wishes to commend these writers on their outstanding work with an Honorable Mention:

Caroline Beimford
Lawdenmarc Decamora
Elizabeth O’Brien
Paola Moretti
Hilary Sideris
Joe Woodward

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