Jade Fluid

To who, 
to you and myself 
some identity who tells me I’m doing it wrong
from a gleaming lake of repose
Moved by beautiful images, like they’re powerful dreams 
in search of the healing energy
Curiously strong mango sours
or the golden hour

Wear the most vibrant colors to fake vibrant chakras 
Sustained tones
All my internet angels
Living on, preserved and glassy
Leprechaun hoodwink green and aphasia orange
Listening to your three wishes
I wish I could take a pill to make me never remember
what opiates feel like
Instagram lists my interests for their ads
Mama pseudoscience acid house
Pisces the constellation
His is lizards and “dark things”
I dive into jelly bean tropical flavors
for a source of pleasure rush

a video game or a John Cage song
bubbles floating around the kitchen
He drinks to death 
the wisdom sucked out of his body
Jolene eyes of emerald green
“You are entering a downward spiral”
my teacher wrote on my paper about the medieval ages
Dreams again,
this time her totem animal
a bear embryo on the ground
I look for healthy substances
and objects
I can look into the power of the moon
a cool burn that does not blind me

Photo Credit: The Yorck Project (2002) via Wikimedia Commons.

About the author

Zoe Brezsny is a poet and organizer from the Bay Area now based in New York. Recent curatorial endeavors include Parallax, a reading series of contemporary poetry held at Hauser & Wirth Publishers. Brezsny plays a mix of spoken word, international pop, and Youtube black-hole songs on her weekly radio show on WFMU 91.1 FM.

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