Buckaroo Tingle

Andrew H. Miller speaks with self-published gay erotica author Chuck Tingle

Dr. Chuck Tingle is a Hugo Award nominee and erotic author from Billings, Montana. According to his website and his twitter, he is also a Tae Kwon Do grandmaster (almost black belt), the recipient of a PhD in holistic massage from DeVry University. Dr. Tingle’s responses came via email. Out of consideration for Dr.

Tim Murphy, photo credit Chris Gabello

Kayla Tanenbaum speaks with Tim Murphy, author of the novel Christodora

Tim Murphy’s Christodora is a time-traveling, political, historical, educational heartbreaker of a novel. Christodora’s seven main characters are connected in the story by the title’s eponymous building in New York City: the Christodora on the Lower East Side. It delivers a fresh perspective on an oft-explored

Yan Lianke

The Explosion Chronicles: Interview with 2016 Man Booker International Prize nominee Yan Lianke

By Sihan Tan How does one argue for the burning of books? Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of China and mastermind behind her Great Wall, incinerated three thousand years of literature precisely because of his love for the past, or so Borges romanticises. Not


A conversation with David Henry Hwang

The Golden Playwright – a conversation with David Henry Hwang by Carla Stockton   David Henry Hwang (Columbia Univerity School of the Arts Website) I am on the phone with David Henry Hwang, the Concentration Head of the Playwriting program in the Drama Division of

Get Real

Get Real: Lightnin’ Keeps Strikin’ – An Interview with Lou Christie

by Carla Stockton
“I was so focused. You know. I gave up a lot, like my teen years, but I got exactly what I wanted because I went after it.”

Photo portrait of the artist, credit Brian Turner

Interview with Artist Gerrit Joost de Jonge

A conversation with Gerrit Joost de Jonge and a collective conversation with writers, essayists, and artists making the case for transnational collaboration, including: Dinah Berland, Emily Bilman, Peter Frank, John Fuller, Joy Harjo, Juliën Holtrigter, Onno Kosters, Robert C. Morgan, Diederik Oostdijk, Saul Ostrow, and Robert Wynne.

Cohen Pic

Interview with Author Joshua Cohen

“Gods want to make matter. Magicians, or alchemists, want to change matter. And the scientists want to classify, or categorize, matter. As a writer you should want to be, or you should want to try to be, all three. You can always be a scientist, if you’re lucky you can be a magician or alchemist. Few, very few, become gods.”

Slider Poetry Interview 1

Interview with Poet Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello

“I think our idea of what poetry is should be continuously evolving. As humans, we always want an answer that fits easily into a quotable sound-byte, but the truth is that the answers are complex and ever-changing.”

New Get Real (use this one)

Interview with an Interviewer

by Carla Stockton
Editor, critic, novelist, and Oscarologist, Thelma Adams sees her gender as an advantage. “As a female journalist,” she explains, “I let the women I interview be as intelligent as they actually are. There’s no need to hide that light under a basket, to pretend.”

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Interview with Translator Robert Chandler

If a joke is to survive the journey into another language, if it is to hit the mark even when its cultural context can no longer be taken for granted, its point may need to be adjusted or somehow re-sharpened.

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Interview with Artist Shawn Kuruneru

To me drawing is about origins. When you have an idea in your head you extract it by writing, sketching and scribbling it out. The first mark making gesture comes from uncertainty and chance which is what I find most interesting and exciting in all art.

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Interview with Author Ellis Avery

I believe in towering ambition when it’s you alone with your work, but out in the world, I don’t think being a good artist is more important than being a good person.

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Interview: Author Daniel Menaker

by Ella Delaney
If you want to be a journalist or probably even a writer in general, a reporter in the broadest sense of the word, you already have that curiosity which comes from wondering what your parents are up to behind closed doors.

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Interview with Author Jon Michaud

Good early readers—that is readers who are honest, insightful, and unafraid to tell the truth—can save a writer months of work.