Fall 2019 Contest: Winners Announced

Columbia Journal is excited to announce the winners and finalists of our inaugural 2019 Fall Contest, which was judged by Akil Kumarasamy (fiction), Monica Sok (poetry), Emily Bernard (nonfiction). We have decided not to award a winner or finalists in art, judged by Helena Anrather. We want to thank everyone who entered the Contest for sharing their work with us, as well as our wonderful judges, and express our congratulations to the winners and finalists. You can click on the title of each piece to read it in full. Winners will be posted on Thursday, October 17th, with finalists to be published throughout the following weekend; we will update this post accordingly.


Winner: “Mother and the Heart Stones” by Tammy Delatorre

Finalist: “The Sweet Spot” by N.R. Robinson

Finalist: “witnessing” by Charlene Francois

Finalist: “Elephant Hill” by Grace Segran


Winner: “Between the Meat World and the Real World” by Angie Sijun Lou

Finalist: “Sachi & The Yurt” by Samantha Neugebauer

Finalist: “RipCord” by Steven Fromm


Winner: poems by Emily Hunerwadel

Finalist: “Custom Earths” by Alex Niemi

Finalist: “Dominion” and “Interior” by Jari Bradley

Finalist: “Sabado en Alausi/Saturday in Alausi” by Lupita Eyde-Tucker

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