About the election & politics feature

Do you want to be president someday? How do you feel about monarchies and queens? Have you survived an upbringing in a dictatorship?


The first themed feature for Columbia Journal’s website is “The Election & Politics”. Please submit to us, until November 7th, 2016 (a deliberately chosen date), your poetry, essays, nonfiction, fiction, translated works, art, music, film, literary rants, polemics, prayers, and speeches concerning whatever burns brightest in your heart when we say the words “election” or “politics”.

Please keep in mind that we are a publication of literature and art, and we will publish works appropriate to those categories – we are not the news, and we are not a blog.

Guest editor Joobin Bekhrad will review the best submissions, and may comment on the ones he chooses for us to publish. We are grateful for his involvement, and hope to learn from his unique perspective as a writer and editor.

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