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Interview with Artist Gerrit Joost de Jonge

A conversation with Gerrit Joost de Jonge and a collective conversation with writers, essayists, and artists making the case for transnational collaboration, including: Dinah Berland, Emily Bilman, Peter Frank, John Fuller, Joy Harjo, Juliën Holtrigter, Onno Kosters, Robert C. Morgan, Diederik Oostdijk, Saul Ostrow, and Robert Wynne.

Interview with Author Joshua Cohen

“Gods want to make matter. Magicians, or alchemists, want to change matter. And the scientists want to classify, or categorize, matter. As a writer you should want to be, or you should want to try to be, all three. You can always be a scientist, if you’re lucky you can be a magician or alchemist. Few, very few, become gods.”