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Word Hole #3

INFINITY FACEBOOK: The Profile Pic Sympathy Enhancer
by Michelle Hogmire

“But fret not, my Faithful Facebookers, my lap-topped, tableted, smart-phoned, socially conscious sympathizers-from-afar. Here at Facebook, we feel your pain; we want all your “friends” to know about your UNICEF donations, just as much as you do. Perhaps even more.”

Word Hole #2

Writing Workshop Critiques of The Old Testament
by Michelle Hogmire

– You know what would really help all those chapters about laws? Show don’t tell.

– None of these characters truly change by the end. Unless you consider getting slaughtered in a senseless battle change.

– Do we really need the genealogy of every single character? More importantly, do we need it twice?

Word Hole #1