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Word Hole #10

The Hipster Revenant: A Tale of Revenge, in a Blizzard, in New York City, Last Saturday
By Jesse E. Sherwood

“So the journey began, all the way from the West 80s to Bushwick. I’ll be quick, because who really wants a whole big story about a guy braving the elements by himself over a really long distance?—boring. “

Word Hole #9

City Water: A Special Report
by Michelle “Hunter S.” Hogmire

“‘Oh, well, yeah,’ Jack Moreland told me, turning on the faucet in his apartment at 75th and West End, ‘this shit’s been brown ever since I moved in thirty years ago. Masie loves it.’ To illustrate, he filled a bowl for Masie the Norfolk Terrier, who lapped it clean. Other residents provided similar stories, with some exchanging tiny lively dogs for thirst-crazed toddlers in strollers.”

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