Breast Cancer and Your Arm!

Editor’s Note: “Breast Cancer and Your Arm!” by Julian Robles, was chosen by Otessa Moshfegh as the fiction winner of Columbia Journal‘s 2019 Winter Contest. It was published in Columbia Journal #58 and appears here with permission from the author.

BREAST CANCER AND YOUR ARM!: A Phase Ib Study of Intermittent Dosing of Imaginib® in Patients with Unresectable, Unrespectable Advanced Breast Cancer Not Previously Treated With a Kinase Inhibitor

Microsoft Word – BC and Your Arm Draft 2point5.docx


  • You have been enrolled in a clinical trial. You are taking 3 Pills of Imaginib® 1_ time(s) per day for 2 consecutive days followed by 3 days off for 30 days. Fill this form exactly as your doctor has instructed.
  • Swallow capsules whole; do not split, spit, chew, or crush them.
  • Avoid eating grapefruit. Avoid eating Seville oranges. Avoid communion wine.
  • Try to take your dose at the same time each day, either 1 hour before eating OR 2 hours after a light meal.
  • VOMITED DOSES: You may vomit as a side effect of this drug. If you vomit after taking your pills, do not take another dose. Record the incident in the pill diary and take the regular amount of study drug at your next scheduled dose.
  • MISSED DOSES: If you forget to take your dose do not double-dose or double-dip at your next scheduled dosing time. Record the missed dose in the pill diary and return any extra pills at your next clinic visit.
  • SIDE EFFECTS: Record any feeling of unwellness in each day’s comment section. If you believe you are having a severe reaction to the study drug, contact your doctor immediately.

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About the author

Julian Robles is a writer from California. He is an MFA candidate at the University of Minnesota.

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