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Jeannie Vanasco on writing a memoir, sticking to your vision, and her three-legged cats by Daphne Palasi Andreades

photo cred: Bustle When I read Jeanne Vanasco’s debut memoir, The Glass Eye (Tin House, 2017), the book left me crying on a subway train in Brooklyn. When I met with the author at Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore, a week after the release of The Glass Eye and told her so, Vanasco, an Ohio-native now […]

Honorable Mentions

We were fortunate to receive an incredible number of submissions from some supremely talented writers, but unfortunately didn’t have the space to feature all of our best-loved contributions. Here, in no particular order, we wanted to name a few whose work was particularly outstanding. In Fiction: Joseph Modugno Adam Kotlarczyk Paul Mooney   In Nonfiction: Steven […]

Veterans Day 2017: Guest Editor Brian Castner

At Columbia Journal, we believe the stories and voices of our service members should be celebrated within creative communities and circulated among the people for whom they served. In honor of Veterans Day 2017, we have invited guest editor Brian Castner to curate writing and creative expressions concerning the military experience. Guest Editor Brian Castner is a nonfiction writer, former […]

Anti-Escapist Literature:
Anxiety in Fiona Maazel’s
A Little More Human
by Michelle Hogmire

Near the conclusion of Fiona Maazel’s present-day tragicomedy, A Little More Human (Graywolf, April 2017), our hero Phil Synder returns to a toy store where he used to work weekends. Phil, an almost middle-aged Staten Islander, is going through a rough patch, mostly involving a drug conspiracy associated with his fulltime position in biotech. This […]

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