Art by Mohammad Ali Mirzaei: Five Photographs



Two Girls

Because of my interest in the movie, I went to photography where passion and love brought a different picture of life for me. Cinema is motion pictures and is continuous. Photography is also a unique collection of discrete elements.


Haj Qorban


Mobility in Border

Therefore, in order to satisfy my own spiritual needs, I got interested in photography so I could search for the ideal. The combination of social needs, cultural demand, and improved viewing angles western audience, to the great cultures of the Middle East, especially Iran …



Mohammad Ali Mirzaei was born in Iran, Tehran (August 8th 1982). He received his BA in field of News Photography from the University of Culture & Art Isfahan. His work appears in various festivals in Iran, has been the top of, that include: First place in “National Festival of Iranian people”, Chosen of the 4th Festival “Women And Urban Life”, Winner of Best Collection in “Festival Of Film & Photo Young Cinema”, Chosen in Fereshteh Prize (Tehran 2015). Also his photos have been published in Midway Journal, Oxford Magazine and The Missing Slate Magazine.

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  1. Elizabet Vander says:

    It was so good. I like Iranian Artists! They’re great …

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