Announcing the Shortlist: Special Issue on Uprising

We are grateful to the contributions of over 500 writers and artists producing around the word of our choosing: Uprising.

In cooperation with our dedicated readers as well as with Shir Kehila, online nonfiction editor; Sylvia Gindick, online poetry editor; Victoria Rucinski, online fiction editor, and Brooke Davis, online art editor, Columbia Journal is pleased to announce the shortlists in the categories of Art, Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry.


“Adversity” by Neesa Ahmed

“Uncompromising Industries / Substrate” by Aaron Lelito

“Friction” by Marieken Cochius

“Utopian Dream” by Thang Tam & Frank Navin

Photographs by Jim Ross

“New Black Jesus” and “Roadkill” by Alex Macon

“Images of Rage and Resilience” by Bonnie Matthews Brock

2 Paintings by Colleen Quinn


“Casualty” by Amanda Bermudez

“So, Coach Andrews Interrogates Me” by Benjamin Murray 

“Semi-Permeable Membrane” by Jackson Kanahashi Bliss

“CTRL + RETURN” by Cullen McMahon

“A Little Miracle” by Sara Martin


“The Diary of Mad White People” by Stewart Sinclair

“Race and Appeasement” by Emalee Long


“Teaching Reading in Middle School” by Holly Kelso

“invitation to edit: spiritual exercises” by Joshua Wilkerson

“The Jesus in Our Church is a White Man” by Emily Uduwana

“Above One’s Bend” by Brandon Menke & Jahan Khajavi

“Untitled I” & “Untitled II” by Timothy Berrigan


From our shortlist, we will publish select works starting in October. Congratulations to all of our featured writers and artists!

Photo by Teemu Paananen on Unsplash

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