(Politics) American Mercury, by Carolyn Williams-Noren (With Editorial Response)

by Carolyn Williams-Noren
Selected by Guest Editor Joobin Bekhrad

(Headlines from the magazine, June 1932 to May 1939)

American Mercury

America’s Number One Fool
The Truth About Hair Tonics

Is Roosevelt a Socialist?
Are Dogs People? What is

Mussolini? What About
“The Revolution”? The Boast

The Overprivileged The End
of America The Lost Art

of Homebrewing
Emancipating the American

Male America
for Americans? Requiem

for the League of Nations
The Question of the Hour

Have You Had Your
Appendix Out? How Long

Can Hitler Stay? Why You Fear
the Dentist The Truth

About Sleep Our Enemy,
the Cat Enemies

Are Valuable Why We
Do Not Behave

Like Human Beings The Fallacy
of Free Trade What Republicans

Won’t Do Against an American
Third Party Do You

Wear Eyeglasses? Are Conservatives
Naturally Stupid? Are Small Towns

Doomed? Has Insulin
Failed? Is Patriotism

Necessary? The Case for
Economic Nationalism The End

of Democracy What is
Democracy? Why

Aren’t You Healthy?
Why Change America? On Facing

the Next War It Is Even Worse
in England

Editorial Response by Joobin Bekhrad

I’m Afraid of Americans,
As the World Falls Down.

Candidate, Cracked Actor;
Future Legend: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Ashes to Ashes, Day In, Day Out;
Criminal World, Slow Burn.

God Knows I’m Good.
Do Anything You Say, I Dig Everything.

I Pity the Fool. I’m Deranged.
It’s Gonna Be Me. It Ain’t Easy.

The Pretty Things are Going to Hell,
Scary Monsters and Super Creeps.

Look Back in Anger, Scream Like a Baby.

Carolyn Williams-Noren’s poems have appeared in Salamander, Gigantic Sequins, Sugar House Review, and elsewhere. She’s the author of a chapbook, Small Like a Tooth (dancing girl press, 2015) and the founder and caretaker of a free poetry library in the Minneapolis neighborhood where she lives with her family.

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