POETRY – 5 Poems by Sida Li

For Larger Destructions

               grandpa liked to joke,                                     every day is one day closer to the end  of man,

and he used to sketch objects,                                    a sentiment that I shared with

              freezing things in time.                                    grandma & her beauties, who

   told me to borrow moments,                                    breathe alchemic breaths.

  encase them like mammoths,                                   she likes to remind me

                 & capture that which                                    the sky

                       cannot fully melt-                                    is not carbon horizon

                        -can only persist                                     in

                                     cold, wet                                     dreams


The witch doctors here have
old eyes
and baby skin
and generous bottles of whiskey

I’ve spent weeks watching
their prized cannibal goldfish who
ate all the other fish and then
ate itself

This place reminds me of how much I miss
sinking into your skin just long enough
to have something
to push away


Broken promises are all she leaves
My room is full of her broken promises
I find traces of her proclivities in my room
I store her proclivities in a chest
I wonder if her chest has ever felt a heart beat
If her heart lies within that chest of bones
Before she died I buried her
All of her bones broken

Hurricane Season

I hate how you keep mistaking wind and rain for ghosts in the walls can’t handle these months of stormfront dragons aren’t real but it feels good to assign blame me for starting our fight or flight response is what happens when I’m nervous is how your mom feels when you don’t come home at night I’m always the one who gets in trouble.

The weather is good today your hair doesn’t feel like rope is what we used to secure the tool shed to the earth during the hurricane season is finally over. Let’s start again. 

On Moving Bodies

a blip in boxcar               a shiver in a suitcase

                   unhinges                invites

                              a pair of eyes

                automatic                slovenly

       in hiding them                in acknowledging them

 his hands are used               she leaves the lying

                   to much                for dogs and rugs

Sida Li is currently an MBA (no, not MFA!) candidate at New York University. His work has appeared in Hot Metal Bridge, The Saint Ann’s Review, and Paper Darts.

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