POETRY – 5 Poems by Marcia Arrieta



priority landscape— a woman creating
within the pages of a manuscript—
Bilbao to Los Angeles & back again.


the convent is a sanctuary.  candles lit.
the voyage is a boat across the canyon.
we re-establish the river.  we design the art gallery.


within the desk there are a thousand cranes or maybe drawings.
the globe spins.  a plane flies overhead.  somewhere by the sea
a bird stands on a volume of poetry & looks beyond the sky.

we climb
the castle walls

the collage is a bird

configurations force us
to imagine

we live in a forest

increments of torn paper resist

we sleep in the border
of revolution

the mail continues to be

blue beads on a wrist

books & numbers
& intervals

the collage is a portal

blue bird in nest

the path to the moon

contemporary on canvas ancient drawings snow falls in the forest
we are warm in the cave ambiguous the seasons of the intellect
between geometry & black holes what will you wear today?
molecules & windstorms    to remain calm like the oak
the poem a drawing a miracle abstract sun in spring

island the spring

island the idea of spring manifold roads deserts disconnected the paths are crosscurrents are the wings & spirals inside the silence unwinding vernacular fire & stone perhaps it was all a dream alone in the surfaces/forms i attempt to understand when the letters fall off words & the birds disappear in snow


the present
with words/worlds/wonder

bravery as narrative
narrative as romanticism

to understand Jeffers’
“Mysticism of stone”

a white index card


the poem in
a crevice


Marcia Arrieta’s work appears in Melusine, Web Conjunctions, Otoliths, So to Speak, BlazeVOX, Eratio, and others.  She edits and publishes Indefinite Space, a poetry/art journal — www.indefinitespace.net.

Featured Image photograph by E.B. Bartels, www.ebbartels.com.

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