3 Poems by John Bennett

November 25, 2013

… Ask the creamer / about our ancestor’s first gathering, a time when / things were far from dishwasher safe.

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Matching Sheets by Kristen Gentry

November 22, 2013

Mama said she’s tired, but I know she’s not.

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Stop It: by Kimi Traube

November 18, 2013

Even when love goes rancid, it’s hard as hell to throw it out.

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2013 Contest Winners Announced

The staff of Issue 51 is proud to announce our 2013 contest winners!

Judges Sigrid Nunez, Nick Flynn, and John F. Deane chose the following pieces from hundreds of entries for publication in Issue 51.

Fiction: Philip T. Carter, “The Sound Is a Comfort”

Nonfiction: Keely Lewis, “On the Ward”

Poetry: Amanda Jane McConnon, “Far Means a Place Not Here”

The winners and select finalists will be published on our website, along with the entirety of Issue 51. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who entered for the opportunity to read your work.

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